The innova module

Autogenerated API documentation for innova

Driver for the Innova RT 6K UPS

Implemented from this document:

PyExpLabSys.drivers.innova.STATUS_INQUIRY_NAMES = ['input_voltage', 'input_fault_voltage', 'output_voltage', 'output_current_load_percent', 'input_frequency', 'battery_voltage', 'temperature_C']

The first 7 places of the response to the status inquiry are numbers, who are paired with the names in the list below

PyExpLabSys.drivers.innova.STATUS_INQUIRY_BOOLEANS = ['utility_fail_immediate', 'battery_low', 'bypass_boost_or_buck_active', 'UPS_failed', 'UPS_type_is_standby', 'test_in_progress', 'shutdown_active', 'beeper_on']

The last section of the response to the status inquiry are 0’s and 1’s, which indicate the boolean status of the fields listed below.

PyExpLabSys.drivers.innova.RATING_INFORMATION_FIELDS = ['rating_voltage', 'rating_current', 'battery_voltage', 'frequency']

The names for the floats returned as section from the rating information command

class PyExpLabSys.drivers.innova.Megatec(device, baudrate=2400, timeout=2.0)[source]

Bases: object

Driver that implements parts of the Megatech specification

__init__(device, baudrate=2400, timeout=2.0)[source]

x.__init__(…) initializes x; see help(type(x)) for signature


Perform communication


Return the status as a dict

The values in the dict are either float or booleans. The keys for the float values are:

  • output_voltage
  • input_voltage
  • temperature_C
  • input_frequency
  • battery_voltage
  • output_current_load_percent
  • input_fault_voltage

The keys for the boolean values are:

  • utility_fail_immediate
  • battery_low
  • bypass_boost_or_buck_active
  • UPS_failed
  • UPS_type_is_standby
  • test_in_progress
  • shutdown_active
  • beeper_on

Run a test of the batteries for 10 sec and return to utility


Return the UPS information


Return the UPS rating information as a dict

The dict contains float valus for the following 4 fields:

  • battery_voltage
  • frequency
  • rating_current
  • rating_voltage
class PyExpLabSys.drivers.innova.InnovaRT6K(device, baudrate=2400, timeout=2.0)[source]

Bases: PyExpLabSys.drivers.innova.Megatec

for the InnovaRT6k UPS