The omega_D6400 module

Autogenerated API documentation for omega_D6400

Driver for Omega D6400 daq card

class PyExpLabSys.drivers.omega_D6400.OmegaD6400(address=1, port='/dev/ttyUSB0')[source]

Bases: object

Driver for Omega D6400 daq card

__init__(address=1, port='/dev/ttyUSB0')[source]

x.__init__(…) initializes x; see help(type(x)) for signature

comm(command, value=None)[source]

Communicates with the device


Read a measurement value from a channel


Read the RS485 address of the device


Enable changes to setup values

range_codes(fullrange=0, action=None)[source]

Returns the code corresponding to a given range

update_range_and_function(channel, fullrange=None, action=None)[source]

Set the range and measurement type for a channel